Statement by U.S. Embassy Charge D’Affairs Nicholas Hill on the Sejdić-Finci Deliberations

nicholas hillThe United States strongly urges political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to adhere to the commitment they made on October 1 to reach an agreement on implementing the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the Sejdic and Finci ruling by October 10. Implementation of Sejdic and Finci is the key requirement for BiH’s Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU to come into force. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also required to come to an agreement by October 10 on the establishment of an effective coordination mechanism, to be able to speak with a single voice on EU matters. In recent years, BiH’s progress towards EU accession has stalled, whereas other countries in the region continue to move forward. It is urgent that BiH political leaders act now, after four years of disappointing impasse, to ensure that their country remains on the path to the European Union.

U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo

(Source: Public Affairs Office)

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