The First Congress of Physiotherapists in B&H

UFF_plakatThe First Congress of Physiotherapist in B&H, organized by the Association for Physiotherapy of FB&H will be held from 03 โ€“ 06, October, 2013 in Sarajevo, with the motto: Physiotherapy โ€“ That is us“.

The organizers through the Congress intend to adopt new knowledge from specific areas of physiotherapy, to exchange experiences, joint evaluation and attitudes towards the new diagnostic methods and therapeutic procedures.

Also, the organizers believe that this Congress will succeed to justify its motto and to demonstrate that physiotherapists are one indispensable part of the rehabilitation, and thus to contribute to a better understanding and promotion of this profession to the satisfaction of themselves and to patient satisfaction.

The Chamber of Nurses and Technicians of Serbia, Croatian Chamber of Physiotherapists and Chamber of Medical Graduate Engineers of all profiles in Federation will take part in the scoring process of the Congress.

(Source: Uffbih.ba)


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