Sarajevo Municipal Court: 670 Hearings canceled due to false Bomb Reports

Today and in the previous two days, 670 hearings were canceled in the Municipal Court in Sarajevo due to false reports about bombs.

The court said that they have been facing the problem of false reports about mines and explosive devices in the Court building for a long time, and each time the work is completely suspended until the end of the inspection of the premises.

The statement states that the employees were forced to leave their jobs, to cancel a large number of hearings, which has unforeseeable consequences on the work of the Court, the achieved norm of judges, the work of clerks, but also on material costs of these judicial institutions and parties.

“During the counter-diversion review, the Court had to comply with all procedures prescribed by law and security protocols,” the Municipal Court said, adding that the competent authorities were working intensively to identify the perpetrators.

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