Stjepan Šiber buried with Military Honors (Gallery)

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Family, friends and fellow fighters said goodbye to the general of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Stjepan Šiber yesterday at the City Cemetery Bare in Sarajevo.

With military honors, those who shared difficult war days, as well as those before and after the war, with general Šiber said goodbye to this great man. Everyone remembers him as a great man, a true Bosnian-Herzegovinian who played an important role in the defense of BiH. A commemorative session was held earlier yesterday. At the session, those who shared the difficult war years in BiH with general Šiber said the words of praise for this great persona.

Stjepan Šiber was born on August 20, 1938 in Gradačac, where he finished elementary and high school. After that, he went to Ljubljana in 1957 to attend the Military Academy of the Land Forces. After graduating from the Academy, he became an active officer in the Yugoslav People’s Army, and until 1992 he progressed to the rank of colonel. In April 1992, he stood in the defense of the country.

Šiber was appointed deputy commandant of the Staff of Supreme Command of ARBiH. A year later, the Presidency of RBiH promoted Šiber to the rank of general in the ARBiH and sent him to Switzerland as a military attache.

Stjepan Šiber passed away on August 25 in Sarajevo.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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