Stories about successful People of BiH are the best Brand of this Country

12873631_1134393106611644_522110704_oThe eleventh Business Café will be held today at the Atrium Hall of the Hotel Europe, starting from 6 p.m. This year, the project begins with the beginning of spring. In accordance with that, the speakers at this Business Café will be entrepreneurs who achieved their business goal through agriculture.

Business Café reveals hidden heroes and the most positive stories which, unfortunately, often remain untold. All interested will have an opportunity to listen to unusual stories about the success of hard working people who decided to take advantage of the potentials of this country to the max.

Jasmina Šahović is the president of the Association “Emina”, thanks to which the plum marmelade became patented and branded as an authentic BiH product, now available on the tables of Italian homes.

Directing all their attention to the process of growing and processing fruits and vegetables, apart from the plum marmalade that they produce after the recipe of their grandmothers and export to Italy, thanks to the financial support of companies from BiH they grow vegetables, make salads and chutney (ajvar) for the K Plus brand, and thus employ the women of Ustikolina.

Senad Blekić will also be speaking at this event. His company Investor owns the already well-known brand BH Food which can be found on the shelves of all supermarkets and in McDonald’s restaurants. Fresh packed mixtures of salads, whole vegetables and spices became an inevitable part of many peoples’ kitchens, greatly facilitating the access to healthy lifestyle and habits of a healthy lifestyle. Great attention is being paid to the growing and processing, conducted on the principles of organic and halal program.

“After a four-month break, we expected a great response of people, but we were surprised with having to put applications on hold days before the event until the courteous staff of the Hotel Europe managed to find a solution for the expansion of capacities. It appears that the stories about nature and resources of this country are the best potential that deserves everyone’s support,” the agency GMS stated.

Sponsors of this event are Konzum and Media Biro (XXL Print), while the media support is again provided by the web portal, RSG radio and Antena Sarajevo radio, web portal, daily newspaper Oslobođenje and weekly newspaper Novo Vrijeme.


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