Number of unemployed Persons in FBiH decreased

12527867_1134394796611475_951029673_nAt the end of February 2016, 388.606 unemployed persons were registered in cantonal employment services, representing a decrease by 0.55 percent or 2.132 people in comparison with the previous month.

When compared with the same month last year, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 5.181.

At the same time, the number of employed in January 2016 (450.419) was larger by 298 than the average of last year.

In February 2016, 10.341 persons were taken off the records of the cantonal employment services. Of this number, 6.493 persons got employed, which is by 925 or 16.61 percent more than in the previous month, stated the Federal Employment Institute.


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