Streets of Sarajevo full of Tourists on January 1

On January 1, 2018, streets of Sarajevo were full of numerous fellow citizens,  tourists from BiH, the region and abroad, who decided to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in this Olympic city.

Although many people were surprised to see that some hotels and catering facilities were closed, that could not disturb the positive image of Sarajevo, where was organized a public celebration of the New Year’s Eve with the popular regional star Zdravko Colic.

Tourists from both the East and the West were full of positive energy and they used the first morning of 2018 to take a walk and share their experiences from celebrations that were organized all over the city, and the largest was definitely the one in front of the SCC, which gathered tens of thousands of people.

Many tourists decided to make a photo in front of Sebilj in Bascarsija, in order to preserve these memories from Sarajevo , which they will show to their family and friends in the upcoming period, after they return home.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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