Strengthen Health and Social Policy

The RS Minister of Health and Social Protection Ranko Škrbić said on Friday that the research results of the total number population and Roma peoples in BiH, which was initiated by UNICEF, will certainly help activities that the entity Ministry of Health will undertake to improve health care.

“This study is useful for other BiH institutions to significantly affect the implementation of health and social policies’’, said Škrbić to journalists in Sarajevo before the onset of the presentation of research results multiple indicators-research on the total number of people living in BiH and the Roma population in BiH.

He noted how there is a satisfactory percentage of children who are being fed on breast milk, as well as the introduction of the program “Hospitals-Friends of Babies”.

“We in the RS have established such a system that every hospital and maternity ward received the epithet ‘Hospital-Friends of Babies’, because the biggest number of children right after birth begin to be fed with breast milk. This percentage is much higher than 6 years ago, we are very proud of this fact’’, said Škrbić.

According to him, in the RS the number of overweight children has been cut in half, and the number of infectious and cardiovascular diseases in children has reduced.

Škrbić said that now it is necessary to approach the process of immunization and prevention of diseased that were thought to be eradicated long ago.

The Minister of Health and Social Policy of the RS participated today with his associates in Sarajevo in the presentation of the research of multiple indicators for the total population.

Within the framework of this research data was collected from more than 7.300 households, including more than 1.500 Roma households, and a large number of indicators on the situation of children, women and men, as well as living conditions at the state level, RS and the FBiH.

The research covers areas such as health of children, nutrition, reproductive health, education, literacy rate, child behavior, domestic abuse and HIV/AIDS.

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