Exports have increased in January in FBIH while the imports have decreased

In January FBIH has made exports worth 416 926 BAM, which is 15 884 BAM or four percent more than in December last year, or 28 563 BAM, or 7.4 percent more than in January 2012 year

From the FBiH Bureau of Statistics announced that in January, imports were 678 692 BAM, which is 144 897 BAM or 17.6 percent less than in December, and for 19 180 BAM or 2.9 percent more than in January 2012 year

Participation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the total exports in January stood at 68.7 percent, and 66.5 percent of imports.

The percentage of coverage of imports by exports in the FBiH is 61.4 percent and it is 12.7 higher by percent compared to December when the ratio was 48.7 percent.

In January, the highest export value of 373,355 BAM, realized in the manufacturing industry, with 89.5 percent of total exports.

The maximum value of imports of 575,299 BAM was in the manufacturing industry, which amounts to 84.8 percent of total imports.

In January, the FBIH is mostly exported to Germany – 89,129 BAM or 21.4 percent, Croatia 54,664 BAM or 13.1 percent and Italy 50 631 BAM or 12.1 percent.

Exports to all other countries were 222,502 BAM or 53.4 percent, mostly to Croatia 107,815 BAM or 15.9 percent, Germany’s 83,825 BAM or 12.4 percent and Italy 69 382 BAM or 10.2 percent.

Imports from all other countries were 417,670 BAM or 61.5 percent.

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