Students from BiH won gold and bronze Medals at the Balkan Physics Olympiad

Last Saturday, September 25th, the Third Balkan Physics Olympiad (BPO) was held for high school students, and students from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) won a gold and a bronze medal.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Olympics were held online this year as well.

The BPO is intended for first and second-grade high school students, and four students from BiH, Iran, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Cyprus, and Greece participated, which is a total of 57 competitors.

Extraordinary results were achieved at the Olympics. Student Dzenan Midzic won a gold medal and when it comes to the number of points he won second place in the overall ranking! This is only the second gold medal for BiH from an international physics competition, Majra Sicic told. Our other students also showed good results, so student Elmir Kevilj won a bronze medal, and students Spasoje Kukuric and Stasa Grabez won honorary commendations.

After the election competition for participation in the BPO, which was held at the beginning of September, the preparations of the students started through the creation of theoretical tasks. Our students were given exercise tasks every week. Apart fromthe team leaders, the former BiH competitors and Olympians were also present during these preparations: Hana Segalo (physics student at the Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo), Kenan Saracevic (the master student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo).

The Society of Physicists, regardless of this year’s difficult circumstances, organized the participation of our students in international physics competitions such as the International Physics Olympiad, where they won two bronze medals and one commendation, and the European Physics Olympiad, where they won one silver medal, one bronze, and one commendation. Both Olympics were held online, Klix.ba writes.


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