BiH Citizens have been banned from Traveling to Sweden

As of tomorrow, October 4th, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will be banned from traveling to Sweden, except for persons with a permanent residence permit or those who have an urgent need to travel, and only in case they have a negative coronavirus test results.

The decision to reintroduce a travel ban to Sweden for people living in BiH was made by the Swedish government, as the Embassy of this Scandinavian country announced.

This decision is made according to the latest recommendation of the Council of the European Union (EU) to member states and was made after changes in the epidemiological situation in BiH.

”Apart from BiH, a ban has been introduced for citizens of Moldova. Authorities in Sweden have announced that Chile, Kuwait, and Rwanda will be added to the list of safe countries, which means that travelers from these countries who plan to enter Sweden will be subject to exceptions regarding the new entry rules, ” reports

The mentioned decision will remain in force until October 31st, 2021, writes.


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