Students from Zurich getting to know BH Tradition

Students of the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Zurich are visiting BiH for the 14th consecutive year, and they are visiting cities, monuments and schools, and organizing gatherings with students and teachers.

This year, Professor Zeliha Aktas and 22 students came to BiH and they visited Brcko, Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Mostar, Neum and Gorazde. They stayed with families of students of the Elementary School “Husein efendija Djozo” in the town on Drina River.

“The main goal is to get to know the culture, tradition and situation in BiH in order to have more understanding for children and families from this area that are living and studying in Switzerland as future teachers,” said Almina Adzovic, one of the coordinators of this visit.

“I am happy to have the opportunity to get to know the education system in BiH. It is also the goal of this visit, to get to know the education system in BiH, because there is a large number of citizens from the territory of former Yugoslavia in Switzerland from BiH, Serbia, Croatia and other countries. It will be much easier to work with children in this way,” said Sabina, one of the students.

Students attended classes, and gave lecture themselves during their visit to the school “Husein efendija Djozo”. They also organized interactive workshops, and students also allocated large funds for the purchase of teaching supplies for the school each time.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)


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