Austrians interested in Investment Projects at the Sarajevo Airport

Businessmen from the Republic of Austria visited the International Airport Sarajevo yesterday.

This was an economic mission organized by Andreas Meindl, trade adviser in the Embassy of the Republic of Austria. The aim of this visit was introduction of Austrian companies that are engaged in the construction and equipping of airports and terminals with the investment activities of the International Airport Sarajevo.

Armin Kajmakovic, the Director General, and Alan Bajic, the Executive Director for Development of the Airport, introduced the guests with future key development projects, and which are directly related to the increase of their capacities, i.e. continuous increase of the number of passengers.

Representatives of the Sector for Development of Airport held a short presentation of infrastructure projects that are planned for the upcoming period, while representatives of Austrian companies from the field of construction and aviation presented their sales programs and showed interest in participating in the investment projects of the International Airport Sarajevo with the aim of more intensive economic cooperation between Austria and BiH.




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