Selector Prosinecki: Our Footballers played great and won against strong Austria

Selector of the National football team of BiH, Robert Prosinecki, said that he is more than satisfied by the way his players played the last night’s match.

“I have to praise our players because they really did their best. They put up a great fight, and fulfilled all the tasks that were in front of them. We had a great match,” noted Prosinecki.

Commenting on the game of the team of Austria, he noted that it is a good feeling to win against the team that did not lose seven matches.

“Austria did not lose seven or eight matches, and I can be very happy with this victory. Congratulations to our players who did it just as they should, but I cannot see the reason why they would not do that since they had the atmosphere and did their best. We had great defense and midfield, and now we have six points and one month until the next match in BiH. We are happy with the fact that our players play in their clubs and have continuity,” stated selector Prosinecki.

Asked whether they were all in a good shape, Prosinecki said that our players did the best they could but there is always space for further progress.

“We can always do better, but the guys played great. They put up a great fight, they had a phenomenal match with players who have quality and who have not lost for a long period of time,” concluded our selector.

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