Fantastic Start of the Campaign #WomenBiH: Planned Amount collected in a few Hours

Crowdfunding campaign for the book #WomenBiH (#ZeneBiH) was launched at midnight on September 12, and it will last for the next month. The planned amount of 4,500 USD has been collected and exceeded, and authors of the project (Amila Hrustic Batovanja, Hatidza Gusic and Masha Durkalic) did not expect this success.

“We shared the news with our closest friends a day before the official announcement of the campaign, since we were counting on their support and feedback, and we believed that some of them will definitely support the campaign. However, in just a few hours, more friends contacted us with the link to support the campaign right away, they sent link between each other, and we managed to collect half of the planned funds the day before the official start of the campaign,” noted Amila Hrustic Batovanja.

“We are delighted with all the support, and we did not expect the campaign to have this kind of support and success. This is proof that people believe in this idea, just like we do, and that brings us closer to our goal of publishing a book about great women of BiH, the first of its kind with the support of all those who have recognized it. The continuation of the campaign will help us to increase the planned number of copies and give some of them to public libraries all over BiH,” noted Masha Durkalic.

Book # WomenBiH will include short biographies of more than 50 women, with a unique illustration of 50 Artists, designers and / or illustrators from BiH. The idea for the book #WomenBiH was born after a social media campaign on the importance of BH women that have been forgotten or neglected in modern history. A total of 30 women who gave great contribution to the emancipation of women and gender equality in BiH were presented with short biographies.

You can follow the campaign for publishing the book #WomenBiH at Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform HERE as well as on social networks.

(Source: klix.ba)


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