Canton Sarajevo will refund the money for two attempts of in vitro fertilization

baby-boomAfter the Law on biomedical assisted reproduction was adopted as a draft at the Parliament of the Federation of BiH, the Health Insurance Institute of Sarajevo Canton (ZZOKS) decided to refund medically assisted in vitro fertilization and to a maximum of two attempts.

Member of Naša Stranka in CS, Sabina Ćudić, said that ZZOKS enacted an amendment to the Decision on refunding the cost of the provided service of medically assisted in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“Primarily we were asking for the adoption of the law on biomedical assisted reproduction in the Canton of Sarajevo, because the law was rejected several times at the federal level. We thought that we should at least try to enact the law in Canton Sarajevo and then we came forward with the entire text of the law that was put on the agenda, but then the draft was rejected by the SDA and SBB parties. Furthermore, we demanded 90 days of public hearings in order to join the professional community and hear their opinion, but we were not allowed. The existing decision on refunding is discriminatory and we wanted to correct and abolish discrimination on the extramarital relationship. Moreover, demanded for the age limit to shift from 36 to 40 years, “said Ćudić.

The European standard age limit is 42 years. Furthermore, as stated, ZZOKS will refund the funds for a maximum of two procedures of in vitro fertilization, and this also applies to couples in common-law marriage in the amount of 4,000 BAM for the first attempt, and up to 2,000 BAM for a second attempt.

Since 2007, in Republika Srpska, more than 800 babies were born by the process of in vitro fertilization. The request for the first and second attempt of IVF can be submitted by all couples to whom this procedure is the only possibility of conception. The criteria for approval are mainly related to medical indications: to prove the problem of sterility and to prove that the couple is married or common-law partnership for at least two years.

(Source: klix)

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