Success of Model Belma Musić from Zenica

belmamusicBelma Musić from Zenica started her fashion model career in 2010 in Berlin when was chosen as “the best stage walker“.  Shortly after that came her first photo shoot.

Belma at one casting in Milan a year ago got the chance to go to New York and then her dream came true.

Belma comes rarely to B&H due to her excessive obligations. She visited B&H for the last time in February 2013. After 2 busy years she managed to get three days off. Although Fashion Weeks are the dream of every model, for Belma they are the least favorite of her work.

The successful Belma lives in New York and she has stated that her work has more advantages than shortcomings, such as getting to know other cultures, traveling, faster growing, organization and so on, while as shortcomings she considers solitude and great sacrifices.
(Source: Klix.ba)

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