Statement by HoD/EUSR Ambassador Peter Sorensen Ahead of Brussels Meeting

sorensen zvaničnaCommenting ahead of the third meeting of the high level dialogue between the EC and BiH institutional and political leaders in Brussels on 1 October, EUSR/HoD Sorensen said:

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has lost too much time while the rest of the region has been moving forward to the European Union. I hope that on Tuesday 1 October we hear solutions from the leaders on the key issues that require resolution for the country’s path towards Europe to be unblocked. It is the leaders first and foremost who must say how they intend to eliminate discrimination from elections to the House of Peoples and BiH Presidency. They must say how they will ensure that decisions about EU matters are taken in BiH in an efficient way. They are the people given the mandate by the citizens to do these tasks.

“And because the real winners from EU integration are the citizens of the country, the leaders have every reason to take responsibility and deliver.”

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