Successful Business Enterprise “Unsko-Sanske šume”

drvo“Unsko-sanske šume” from Bosanska Krajina in 2012 had a profit of 1,8 million KM.

This is the best company in this area from FBiH, and Director Đevad Muslimović and management deserve great credit, which is the stance of the USK government that on Friday considered a report on works and business of this company.

“All employees have regular salaries, and the company had a profit in 2012 worth 1,8 million KM’’, said Muslimović.

The money from the profits, as stated above, will be used for the formation of three sister companies ŠPD “Unsko-sanske šume”. It is bio-mass power plant for the production of pallets in Bosanski Petrovac and a project that involves the purchase of forest-industry company Sanica that is bankrupt in order to start production.

According to the estimates of the daughter company in Bosanski Petrovac, it will employ 20 people, and with good management ŠIP Sanica will employ people and finalize production.

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Mining of the USK Amir Džajić did not hide his delight in boasting the outstanding performance of companies in its portfolio, adding that with new projects, which will be realized by the USK government and ŠPD, will finance a number of projects of the local community and what is most important, it would create new jobs.

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