Sumar: The Government is not doing anything to stop the Construction of a radioactive Waste Site

Mladen Sumar, a member of the Executive Board of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) and a member of the Novi Grad Municipal Assembly, expressed concern over the complete absence of activities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)institutions to prevent the construction of a radioactive waste site at Trgovska Gora.

He warned that due to the irresponsible behavior of people from the highest levels of government, valuable time was lost in order to protect the population in the Una River basin.

There is a great obstruction from decision-makers at the level of BiH, but also the Republika Srpska (RS), and on the other hand, Croatia used all that to implement all the activities envisaged by the nuclear waste management strategy,” toldSumar.

He noted that funds must be provided to speed up the work of the Legal and Expert Team formed by the Council of Ministers of BiH in order to deter and prevent Croatia from building that disposal site.

“At the thematic session of the Municipal Assembly of Novi Grad on Trgovska Gora, which was held yesterday at the initiative of SDS and coalition partners, we could hear from the presentations of members of these teams that the main reason for non-fulfillment of their obligations was the lack of funds from the BiH Council of Ministers, ” said Sumar yesterday.

“We demand that the BiH Presidency and the Council of Ministers urgently undertake all activities needed to protect the population and the environment. Also, we demand that the BiH Presidency take over all competencies to the BiH Council of Ministers on this issue and urgently provide funds to speed up their work, “ Sumar explained.

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