Support of Turkey to B&H Companies in Libya

lagumdzijaThe Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Zlatko Lagumdžija received yesterday the Ambassador of Turkey to B&H Ahmet Yildiz.

They spoke of the current political events in B&H, as well as activities in the field of intensifying cooperation between B&H and Turkey.

Both sides expressed their willingness to continue the implementation of projects initiated and intensive exchange of visits by officials between the two countries, and the need to continue holding trilateral meetings between B&H-Serbia-Turkey was stressed, in accordance with a previously agreed schedule.

When it comes to economic cooperation, Lagumdžija and Yildiz expressed satisfaction because there was growth in the volume of trade between B&H and Turkey during 2013 in comparison to the previous year, and they spoke about the possibilities to support B&H companies in Libya, as well as further investments from Turkey to B&H.

Lagumdžija and Yildiz spoke of the current events in the region, and developments in the international scene, announced the Press Office of the B&H Council of Ministers.

(Source: Fena)

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