Support to directing and harmonizing of planning activities within BiH public administration sector

IMG760By Nevena Šarenac

Twinning project ‘Strengthening the planning process in BiH’ is focused on support of directing and harmonizing planning activities within BiH public administration sector, said during today’s presentation of the aforementioned project in the building of the EU Delegation to BiH in Sarajevo.

Project, whose implementation will last for two years is financed by the EU with 1 500 000 EUR from the Instrument of Pre-Accession Aid 2009, and it is being implemented by the Agency for European Integrations and Economic Development (AEI), within the Austrian Federal ministry of Finances and in cooperation with Government of Slovenia.

The key user institution is Directorate for Economic planning BiH, as the central institution for coordination of development planning in the country.

Permanent councillor for the twinning project Josez Poeschl noted that the mechanisms of long-term planning are not necessary just for the process of accession of BiH to the EU but also for the coordination among different levels of government in BiH.

He noted that certain levels of government in BiH have already done the strategic issue, by saying that there are key elements in this process.

‘However, in Europe the strategic planning of activities for the period 2014-2020 is currently being done. Strategic planning is the key element, especially for candidate and potential candidate countries to the EU’ said Poeschl during the press conference.

Poeschl said that it is important to include ministries of finances, as well as other ministries that key for the economic development of all levels in this process.

‘As a part of the project, we’ll use the knowledge of Slovenia and Austria, and give recommendations for keeping record of the implementation of the mechanism’, said Poeschl.

Project consists of two components, one dedicated to the development of methodology and practical mechanisms which can be applied to the entire planning process, while the second one should offer trainings related to the implementation of methodology of planning as well as strengthening capacities in the field of economic research.

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