Survey: In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 93.8 Percent of Women do all Housework


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 93.8 percent of women do all housework, which has negative consequences for their private and professional lives, according to a survey conducted by the BiH Agency for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees.

The results of the research show that routine household works such as ironing, changing bedding, cleaning the bathroom, washing clothes, wiping floors, cooking and washing dishes and buying necessities in 93.8 percent are performed only by women, the BiH Gender Equality Agency announced.

The statement states that in only 5.6 percent of relationships, these jobs are performed equally by men, while in only 6 percent of relationships, these jobs are performed only by men, SRNA news agency reports.

The Agency states that the research has shown that this leaves negative consequences on women’s private and professional lives, leaving them less time for rest, personal and professional progress, training, and participation in social activities and politics.

The research showed that the situation is more favorable when it comes to occasional household chores such as paying utilities and doing chores outside the home, such as yard maintenance, cars, painting and easier repairs at home, the agency points out.

The findings of the research also show the prevalence of gender discrimination in work and labor relations, which was confirmed by a third of the surveyed women.

The research was conducted on the territory of the whole of BiH on a sample of 500 women aged between 18 and 65 who have been married or living in an extramarital union for at least a year.


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