Suspension of all Activities in Shopping Malls in the Federation until End of May


The Federal Civil Protection Directorate was ordered to distribute medical devices (swabs and transportation equipment) to the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, the University Clinical Hospital Mostar, the University Clinical Center Tuzla and the Cantonal Hospital Zenica, according to Fena news agency.

The application of the order according to which all health care institutions in the territory of FBiH are obliged to open telephone lines for citizens, which must be publicly announced and available 24 hours a day for the purpose of providing health counseling and psychosocial assistance, has also been extended.

The CPS issued an order suspending the visits and exits of all migrants in all refugee-migrant reception centers, temporary reception and the asylum center in the FBiH, until May 30.

The application of the order in which the FBiH Administration for Inspection Affairs is required to, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the FBiH, apply the procedure of health surveillance of all passengers in international transport in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) that enter BiH via border crossings in the FBiH, has also been extended.

The order to citizens for mandatory use of personal protective equipment (protective mask, cotton mask, scarf, etc.) and respecting physical distance of at least 2 meters in public areas and closed public facilities in the FBiH is still in force.

The application of the orders on the suspension of all activities in shopping malls in the FBiH (except for food and hygiene stores, pharmacies and wholesalers), has been extended until May 30.


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