Sweden allocates 3.8 million Euros for improvement of Air Quality in BiH

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) today presented a project aimed at strengthening the capacities of the competent institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve air quality management data and air quality itself.

Swedish Ambassador to BiH Anders Hagelberg said that as part of this project, knowledge, and experience of air quality control from Sweden will be shared with the BiH institutions so they can better prepare their measures to improve air quality.

“In order for these measures to succeed, a strong commitment of the authorities will be needed, but every individual citizen can do a lot. Some of these measures will require financial resources, but some can be implemented without much investment” said Hagelberg.

Head of the International Department of the Environmental Protection Agency of Sweden, Ulrik Westman, said that BiH is facing serious challenges in terms of air quality, but that this is the case also in many countries in the world which is why it is important to exchange experiences.

He added that during the next two years in the implementation of the four-year project, we will know a lot more about the most effective ways to treat air quality problems. The value of the project is 3.8 million euros for the period from 2018 to 2022, Federal News Agency reports.

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