BiH Prosecutor’s Office reopened the ‘Dobrovoljacka Street Case’

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina brought a decision on all appeals filed in the Dobrovoljačka Street case.

Under this decision, the Order to Terminate Investigation, Ref. No. T20 0 KTRZ 0001145 06 of 17.01.2012, issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is revoked and the reopening of an investigation ordered in respect of five persons.

In the remaining part, the appeals were dismissed as unfounded in respect of nine persons and one appeal was dismissed as inadmissible.

This decision took into account all the appeals filed, and the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the case Ref. No. AP-1638 was fully implemented.

The Yugoslav People’s Army convoy was attacked in Dobrovoljacka Street on May 3, 1992 as it was pulling out of Sarajevo, and several soldiers were killed or wounded.

Nobody has been tried for the deaths so far.

The Serbian authorities claim that over 40 Yugoslav servicemen and officers were killed and more than 70 wounded.

As a result of an investigation in Serbia, two suspects were detained in recent years – former Bosnian presidency member Ejup Ganic was arrested in Britain and former Bosnian Army general Jovan Divjak in Austria.


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