Swiss Airline to introduce Flights from Sarajevo to Zurich?

One of the most modern aircrafts on today’s market, Bombardier C series, landed at the International Airport Sarajevo.

Namely, starting from yesterday, passengers of Swiss Airlines will be able to travel from Sarajevo to Zurich in that aircraft, which is known under the name “whispering jet” in the aviation world.

That type of aircraft, thanks to the modern engines, produces twice as less noise in comparison to similar aircrafts. Moreover, it offers additional comfort, large windows make cabins brighter, and its space for hand luggage is much larger.

Ergonomic seats offer enough comfort, and additional space between seats was ensured as well. The most modern pilot cabin is developed thanks to direct cooperation of SWISS and Bombardier, and it is completely adapted to the needs of the crew.

CS100 has the capacity of 125 passengers and thanks to the most modern technology and innovative design, it set new standards when it comes to ecology and comfort of passengers with 25 % lower costs. Specially shaped wings and flaps ensure optimal size of the engine, smaller fuel consumption, and therefore lower emission of harmful particles. Therefore, in comparison to other aircrafts in its class, C series decreases CO2 emission for 20 %.

“We were the first airlines that ordered this type of aircraft in 2008, because we believed in this product and Bombardier team even back then. Now, 10 years later and after the investment of two billion CHF, passengers from BiH have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of this aircraft,” stated general director of Lufthansa Group for BiH, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, Bernhard Vodl.


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