Swiss Cooperation Office Will Soon Invest Three Million Swiss Franks for Strategy On Health

ŠvajcarskaThe Swiss Cooperation Office in BiH activated a new strategy whose focus will be on health, and in the project there is a planned investment of more than 3 million Swiss Francs a year, said today in Sarajevo during a presentation of material called “How to eat healthy on a low budget?”, which is implemented by the Association for Responsible Management of Personal Finances “U Plusu”.

The focus of this project will be on non-communicable, chronic diseases.

Unhealthy food is closely associated with a low budget, according to research by the Swiss Cooperation Office, which recognized that the majority of BIH families live on a small budget that does not leave space for healthy eating habits.

“The average family in Sarajevo has 428 KM a month, which reduces healthy eating habits to a minimum’’, said the Deputy Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office Simone Giger. She added that a large number of families are stuck with credit, which creates a problem when it comes to distribution and finances in the household.

The Association “U Plusu” provides professional consulting services to citizens and implements customized financial educational programs for the advancement of knowledge, understanding and protection of users of financial products and services.

The Director of the Association Ajla Mostarac said that since the establishment of the Association more than 1.800 people have turned to them for advice, and the workshop was attended by around 5.800 people of different ages.

“Citizens who turn to us mostly have a problem with paying back credit, which creates difficult financial problems in the household’’, said Mostarac.

The goal of the Association is to provide customers with a  change in way of life and to plan differently.

“We are firstly passing through certain planning techniques, we look at the income of a household, elaborating costs and in this way we resolve problems of the client and help them reduce costs’’, explained Mostarac.

The Association is financed by the European Fund for Southeast Europe, US Embassy in Sarajevo, Swiss Office for Cooperation and the International Financial Corporation through the Swiss Embassy.

(Source: Fena)

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