Switzerland in the Next Three Years Will Invest Around 65 Million Euros in B&H

svicarskaOrganized by the Swiss Embassy in B&H and the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs today in Sarajevo the Swiss strategy for cooperation with B&H for the period 2013- 2016 was presented in Sarajevo today. The strategy foresees that in this period around 65 million euros in projects of employment, economic development and local government will be invested. 

As was pointed out today, Switzerland and B&H are longtime partners. It was presented that Switzerland in various development projects since 1996 until now has invested more than 400 million euros in B&H.

The Swiss Ambassador in B&H Andre Schaller during his speech stressed the fact that the Swiss public resources will be invested in a coordinated way in projects related to employment and health care, with the aim of long-term development of B&H.

Schaller stated that the Strategy for cooperation represents a framework for all the programs implemented, especially in the field of local government, employment, health and migration.

The strategy aims to improve the citizens’ lives in B&H, as well as to overcome the ethnic division.

(Source: Fena)


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