Take a Look at the Beauty of Jablanica Lake in 4K Resolution

Amir Kulaglic became known to the general public for the videos of the cities and sites in BiH that he made in the 4K resolution, and this time he prepared the recording of Jablanica Lake.

Kulaglic brought the beauty of this lake from Hercegovina during the daylight, but also during the night with street lighting and lights from surrounding houses and boats.

Jablanica Lake is an artificial lake created on the Neretva River back in 1953 by constructing a dam on this river. The height of the dam is 80 meters. The surface of the lake is 1440 hectares. The maximum depth is 80 meters, and water oscillations are up to 25 meters.

It attracted many tourists with its beauty, and it is known as a weekend-resort for tourists from all over BiH and the world.

Take a look at the video:



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