How Luxurious Hilton Hotel in Sarajevo will look Like?


As the investor announced, the construction of the Hilton Hotel in Sarajevo is expected to take place by the end of 2020, and the Klix portal has showed a layout plan for a future luxury facility in the old city center of Sarajevo, eKapija business portal writes.

This will be a Hilton Curio Hotel, categorized as a luxurious city business hotel with 40 rooms, four penthouses and a 50-parking space on three floors.



Although construction was scheduled to begin three years ago, investors say there have been major paperwork and permitting issues.

As explained earlier, due to its historical importance, the site does not allow for regular construction. The appearance of the hotel building will follow the appearance of the former building that stood in its place.



Specifically, Feroelektro was once housed there, and the facility that was destroyed almost entirely was removed in 2016. The investor is Kol company.


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