Take a Walk through the Historical Sarači street in Sarajevo

saraci-1401972725If you’ve ever walked through Baščaršija, then you’ve surely passed along Sarači, the busiest street in the old town.

Sarači stretches from Baščaršija’s main square to Slatko Ćoše, where Ferhadija St. begins. The street is lined with many traditional craft stores, whose shop windows are sure to attract your attention.

Sarači can be traced back to the middle of the 15th century and it was mentioned as a street in Gazi Isa Bey’s vakufnama (deed of endowment). It became a proper market in 1531 when Gazi Husrev Bey gave the order for 60 shops to be built here.

It takes its name from sarači, the craftsmen who made various leather goods, primarily horse tack.

It served as an integral part of Ferhadija Street and was named Prijestolonasljednika Petra Street in 1928, after Crown Prince Peter, but its centuries-old name, Sarači, was restored in 1946.

If you still haven’t taken a stroll down this charming street, then now is the time! Enjoy a glimpse of the small and exotic shops which have been here for centuries.

(Source: Sarajevo Travel)

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