Talgo Trains on the Rails of BiH by the end of the Month?

trainsFive sets of modern Talgo trains have been technically examined and they are ready to start operating as the railway transport in BiH and Croatia by the end of the month. This means that the set of Talgo trains, which “the Railways of FBiH” (FBIH) bought back in 2005 with commodity loan from the Government of Spain for 132 million BAM (66.7 million EUR), will finally operate on the railways of BiH for the first time since their delivery in 2010.

These trains, as previously announced, will operate on railway lines Sarajevo – Zagreb and Sarajevo – Banja Luka, while the two sets will drive to Ploce, after the work on the southern part of the line gets finished. This is the result of negotiations of “the Railways of FBiH” and the Spanish company “Talgo”. Recently, they have been considering the way on how to train experts from BiH to maintain the trains, all in order to reduce costs for the BH state company.

Two days ago, a new meeting between the two companies was held, and soon a new contract should be signed that would confirm that the Spaniards give all permissions that trains can be maintained by experts from “the Railways of FBiH”.

“The trains are ready; the service is completed. They are technically correct, and they are also painted. These sets will be operating by our locomotives, and I believe that we will put them in the operation by the end of the month. We cannot tell the exact date, but I am convinced that it will be in July, because we are at the end of works,” as said from the Railways of FBiH.

Modern trains with showers, Internet and TV plasmas will be a refreshment to BH railways. It will operate up to 160 kilometers per hour giving comfort to the citizens of BiH as all citizens of Europe already have.

“We do not know if we will rent four trains to Turkey, because that is again a current story, but I know that we will have two sets involved in traffic to Ploce,” as stated from the Railways of FBiH.


36 BAM for a ticket from Sarajevo to Banja Luka

63.10 BAM for a ticket from Sarajevo to Zagreb

18 BAM for a ticket from Sarajevo to Ploce.

(Source: avaz)

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