Technical Conditions for the Cargo Traffic from the Airport Tuzla met

Tuzla Airport Cargo Traffic faktor.baWithin yesterday’s visit to the Tuzla Canton, the Prime Minister of the FB&H Fadil Novalic visited the International Airport Tuzla.

The Prime Minister emphasized that, at the meeting with the Minister of Transport and Communications Denis Lasic which was held in Mostar on Monday, it was agreed to direct Tuzla towards cargo traffic, given that “Tuzla is an industrial region”.

Novalic said that, as of next year, the budget strategy of supporting the air traffic in B&H will be changed and exclusively directed towards the airports, and in that sense Tuzla is oriented towards cargo load. Novalic also announced that the Government of the FB&H will, instead of 430.000 BAM which was this year’s support for the Tuzla airport, allocate bigger means for it.

Fadil Novalic assessed that all technical conditions for the cargo traffic from the International Airport Tuzla were met, only the permit of the Council of Ministers of B&H is missing, and added that the Government of the FB&H will appeal to the Council of Ministers of B&H about that.

Novalic pointed out that the Tuzla airport is functional, technically good, and that as such it should be in function of the development of this part of B&H.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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