Blagaj breaking Records of Number of Visits: Tourists fascinated with the Beauty

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Pearl of Herzegovina, the old town of Blagaj, is literally full of both domestic and foreign tourists, and the season will last until the 1st of October. Parking is almost impossible to find, and the all-day long parking costs only 2 BAM.

The Sports and Tourism Club, “Blagaj City” Blagaj is having a lot of job as well. After lunch, most of the tourists wants to go in the cave where is located the spring of Buna River.

The club is gathering citizens for satisfaction and sports in water and land. Price for entry into the cave amounts to 4 BAM per person, and they enter 25 to 30 meters in depth. Blagaj could also break the record of the number of tourist visits this year.

Tourists have the opportunity to listen all the stories and legends about the monuments of the cave.

Tourists are delighted by prices as well since they are relatively low, and a very good meal for 2 you will pay less than 30 BAM.

“Unlike the prices on the sea, everything here is acceptable. We’re on our way back from vacation and we decided to buy gifts for our loved ones here, since they are much more acceptable,” said Azra from Sarajevo, who is visiting Buna every year when returning back from vacation.

However, the friendly hosts emphasized that they live less from tourism, and more from agriculture and farming.

“I have this table here where I’m selling souvenirs, but I earn much more by selling fruits and vegetables. Now we will be making jam, so we will earn something in the fall as well,” said one of the salesman at the stand.




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