Technical Finalization of Answers to Questionnaire is a Precondition for the Translation Process to start

A spokeswoman for the Directorate for European Integration (DEI) of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Marina Kavaz-Sirucic, explained what is currently happening with the process of preparing a response to the Questionnaire of the European Commission, and she noted that the working groups in the system of coordination are technically finalizing their responses.

She explained that, in practice, this means that they are filling the text with missing data or changes that took place meanwhile, they are referring to data sources and methodologically equalizing the level of information that was provided by competent institutions from all levels of government.

“Given the fact that hundreds of people and dozens of institutions took part in the writing of institutional contributions, answers should look like they have been written by one hand,” said spokesperson of DEI.

According to her, the framework, internal deadline obliges the working groups to finalize their answers at the beginning of September, after which other bodies in the coordination system, i.e. the Commission for European Integration, the Ministerial Conference, and the Collegium, would eventually deal with the unfinished responses.

“After the expiration of the framework deadline for the working groups, the overview of the situation in the preparation of responses to the Questionnaire of the European Commission will be more certain,” she stated.

Kavaz-Sirucic also referred to the translation of the answers to the Questionnaire and noted that the technical finalization of answers represents a basic precondition for the beginning of the process of translation.


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