Tegeltija: Vaccines should not be an Instrument for Expressing the Power of individual Countries

The BiH Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija spoke today via video link with the UN Resident Coordinator in BiH Ingrid Macdonald about the current epidemiological and socio-economic situation in BiH and the region caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, Chairman Tegeltija informed the UN Coordinator Macdonald about the activities undertaken by the BiH Council of Ministers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and expressed gratitude to the UN for its assistance in mitigating the consequences.

Also, the Chairman expressed disappointment with the global vaccine procurement system, emphasizing that vaccines should have been a common good and not an instrument for expressing the power and dominance of individual countries and policies.

The interlocutors jointly pointed out the necessity of continuing the implementation of socio-economic measures with the aim of launching economic activities, reviving the economy and restoring jobs, as well as the need to continue supporting all levels of government in BiH, in order to ensure balanced recovery and development.

The meeting was attended by the UNDP Resident Representative in BiH Steliana Nedera, Dr. Rownak Khan, Head of the UNICEF Office in BiH, and Dr. Fabio Scano – Head of the WHO in BiH, stated the BiH Council of Ministers.

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