Ten new landmarks proclaimed National Monuments of BiH

stećakAt the last session, Commission for preservation of national monuments of BiH has made a decision to proclaim ten landmarks as national monuments, and to remove two landmarks from the List of Endangered Monuments of BiH, reports Fena.

Members of the commission discussed the joint project of nomination of stećak on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, which should be finished by late June.

Chairman of the Commission Dubravko Lovrenović said that two meetings on that issue are planned, one in Montenegro on 25 May, and the other in Dubrovnik on 20 June when the document should be graded by ICOMOS experts, and its submission to UNESCO is planned for 31 January 2014.

New national monuments are : goods of Musaf Fadil-Paša Šerifović, Čajniče gospel of the museum of Čajniče in RS, archaeological site Nebo in Travnik, Necropolis in Čajniče, Necropolis in Sokolac and Necropolis in Živinice.

Also historical monument building in Varoš 11 street in Jajce, remnants of Mosque in Pridvorica near Gacko, Kinoteka in Sarajevo, and Poljsko cemetery in Srbac were also added to the list.

Old Mosque in Gračanica and Old Mosque with harem in Srebrenik are no longer endangered monuments of BIH, while the historical monument-building in Varoš 11 Street in Jajce is on the list with 69 goods.


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