Tens of Thousands of Believers gathered in Blagaj

BlagajThe central event of this year’s “Days of mawlid and dhikr” gathered tens of thousands of believers from all parts of our country and the world, mawlid and sufi dhikr were recited, and important messages of peace and coexistence were sent from this event.

In the shadow of a big rock and ancient Blagaj tekke, the faithful were addressed by Husein ef. Kavazovic, Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH and Mufti of Mostar Salem ef. Dedovic.

Reis Kavazovic emphasized the importance of this place where thousands of believers gathered, the place of spirituality, which was a place for prayers even before Islam came to this area.

Once again, Reis Husein ef. Kavazovic called for a joint life and openness to other and different and respecting our neighbors and friends.

“Do not make a difference between the people of BiH, be open-hearted as we always have been. We have to find room for others in our hearts. Remember this, both mosques and churches are Bosnian, they belong to our people, our neighbors, our brothers, and sisters,” noted Reis Kavazovic, adding that the foundation of our spirituality and statehood has always been here in Blagaj.

Salem ef. Dedovic said that Bosniaks “live the idea of an open Islam, openness to others, which we have shown through the program of this event as well, through an open concept. The city of Mostar is a city that has space for everyone, it deserved that.”

This event in Blagaj attracted many people from all parts of our country, who were eager to get as close to tekke (khankah) as possible.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)


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