Tesanj Red Cross manages to realize the planned Blood Donation Actions

The Tesanj Red Cross regularly organizes voluntary blood donation campaigns for the needs of the General Hospital in Tesanj, as well as health institutions in Zenica, Tuzla, and Gracanica. Last year alone, more than 800 voluntary blood donors were registered.

Most volunteer blood donors have experienced the importance of timely blood donation assistance in their families. That, they say, encouraged them to help other people in this way for the rest of their lives.

“My brother was seriously injured. And when I saw how it is to collect 70 doses of blood, I have been giving it regularly since then, every six months, “ noted Alem Mesic.

“I had a case in the family when blood was needed, so I saw how it goes and how it is when you search for blood,” Ernesa Kadusic emphasized.

Despite the pandemic, the local Red Cross mostly manages to realize the planned blood donation actions.

There are needs for Tuzla, Gracanica, Zenica. These are constant needs. We also try to organize an action for the Zenica hospital at least once a year. So far we have succeeded twice, and now once. The pandemic is still going on, ” pointed out Mujo Fejzic, a secretary of the Municipal OrganizationCommittee of Red Cross Tesanj.

Any blood donation action is subject to medical supervision.

“Hepatitis markers, HIV markers, syphilis, and, of course, blood type are determined. Every dose is checked, ” explained Dr. Anisa Hadzic.

They are satisfied with the results of last year in the Red Cross. Instead of the planned 740 actions, 850 voluntary blood donors responded.


Source: Federalna

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