Teslić: Italians Interested in Nova Borja

The mayor of Municipality Teslić, Milan Miličević, spoke with a group of businesspeople from the Italian region of Veneto, who have expressed interest to buy the facilities of the Timber Industry (DI) in Nova Borja. They plan to put into operation this troubled company.

During the two-day visit, Italian investors were led by the management of Teslić Municipality around Borje in order to familiarize themselves with its capacity level.

Miličević clarified that out of the three Italian firms, one of them is involved in the metal industry, the second in wood processing and the third in renewable energy sources, primarily solar energy.

”Our local community provided the initiative and all the possible guarantees and benefits for the realization of the project, and we hope that the RS government will realize the importance of these investors, so that the problem of the former DI ‘Borja’ will finally be resolved after a series of unsuccessful revitalization attempts”, said Miličević.

According to him, a part of the former industry ”Borja”, which is under the jurisdiction of Teslić Municipality, represents an object of interest for investors.

‘’In this element, we are ready, under the most favorable circumstances, to disclose the use of not only to these, but also to give other investors part of the space, as long as it leads to hiring a significant amount of people’’, said Miličević. He also added that, if according to plan, the investments should occur through four levels of development and that every phase will involve employing a certain number of people.

The business representative of the Italian region of Veneto, Piero Puskijavo, said production and employment of people in Nova Borja is expected to start, whose number will increase in the next two to three years.

According to his words, the existing capacities are sufficient to start production at the level that it was several months ago, and future investments in the energy sector, which constitute the second part of the planned project, and which relate to renewable energy sources and energy production for the needs of Teslić, represent something great for this city.

‘’In the next sixty days, if all the necessary documents are gathered, we will have an accurate and precise response in terms of the realization of this project, especially the purchase of Borje’’, concluded Puskijavo.

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