The 82nd Performance of the Popular Show: “Mahaluša” on Saturday Night

mahalusaThe 82nd performance of the theatrical hit “Ja, mahalušawill be played at the Chamber Theater on Saturday, the 2nd November.

The scene life of mahalanja” began with “Mahaluša” which, in the musical and theatrical manner speaks about B&H reality using jargon, imitation, poems and jokes. It continued with Mahalcem” which for several months fulfilled the cultural centers of Sarajevo and B&H.

The first B&H original cabaret was watched by more than 50.000 fans during one year.

The play is created according to the bestseller of Indira KucukSorguc “Ja, mahaluša” and Nela Đenisijević plays the main role.

(Source: Depo Portal)

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