The Alliance for Change Remains in the Council of Ministers in B&H?

Vijeće Ministara nap.baThe executive branch of the Federation of B&H is still not formed and currently the reconstruction of the FB&H Government and the Council of Ministers of B&H is being speculated. The attitude of the most powerful Bosniak party in B&H is clear: the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) remains loyal to the Alliance for Change at state level.

This week, the internal authorities of the SDA will hold sessions, where they will discuss the results of negotiations in regards to forming a coalition at the level of entity of the Federation of B&H with several political parties, among which is the Union for a Better Future of B&H (SBB).

The General Secretary of the SDA, Amir Zukić said that the party authorities will take the most optimal, concrete and effective approach to the way of functioning of government in the next three years, in order to end the process of reforms which has begun.

“The fact is that the situation in B&H is gradually improving”, Zukić said.

The Head of the Club of the SDA in the House of Representatives of B&H, Asim Sarajlić recently stated that with the new coalition partners from the FB&H entity he can even discuss the quotas at state level, but that the SDA will not give up on the Alliance for Change.

It triggered speculation that the SBB never forced anyone to leave the government and that the Democratic Front willingly left the Government of the FB&H.

“Dialogue within the branches of the government should be conducted at the sessions, not using the media to send announcements and attitudes to colleagues from the government. I think that is not a functional method of work”, Zukić said.

He added that the SDA is committed to the Alliance for Change in the Council of Ministers of B&H considering that the Alliance for Change showed its commitment to the European B&H by now.

“Only the politically uneducated people in B&H can believe that only one group of people can be given a welfare”, Zukić said.

Zukić didn’t want to confirm nor exclude the possibility of the removal of the Democratic Front from the Council of Ministers of B&H.

“We won’t force anyone to leave. If somebody feels that their voice is not heard and that he can’t make any effect, that is his problem, not the problem of the SDA”, as Zukić concluded.

It is symbolic that recently the Deputy Defence Minister of B&H, Emir Suljagić (DF) said in the media that he considers that the DF should leave all the government levels.

The government in the Federation of B&H has been in crisis since the Democratic Party partly left the Government of FB&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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