The application is a Historical Event if it means Willingness on Reform of the Dayton

12746526_1729229347313742_1060178605_nOn the occasion of submission of application for membership of BiH in the European Union, the Presidency of Our Party expressed their opinion.

“Submission of the application for membership in the EU is certainly a great historic event, because it would mean, in principle, that the country is close to reach civilization, legal and economic standards of European countries. However, when that application is submitted by the country that constitutionally and openly discriminates its citizens and divides children in school by ethnicity, in which the mechanism of coordination of the authorities in the accession process was adopted on a secret session and which has not previously undertaken the necessary trade measures to protect its strategic products and workplaces, then the move gets an entirely different connotation and raises doubts about the whole system of values on which supposedly the EU is based,” said Predrag Kojovic, president of Our Party.

“The European Union is a community that is based on civil democracy and that promotes and protects individual rights and freedoms, and the fact that it accepted a dialogue with the country in which rules dictatorship of so called constitutive nations is devastating for the political forces in B&H that are fighting for civil BiH,” added Kojovic.

“We already had declarative commitment of BiH authorities towards the EU integration, but we did not have and still do not have a real political will that would demonstrate real commitment to the EU and its values. Leaders of the political parties that are now and that have been in power since the war, actually implemented and still are implementing policies that are fundamentally opposed to European standards and values, and in which ethnic, religious or any other affiliation is irrelevant political and legal category, which should not be a source of political rights or discrimination. Civil democracy, insisting on individual human rights and freedoms and the rule of law are probably the most important civilizational achievements of the EU, which resulted in not only economic prosperity but also civilization prosperity, and those are the improvements that citizens of BiH expect from integration and why they massively opt for joining the EU in all surveys, “concluded Kojovic.

(Source: klix.ba)


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