What has agreed on the Session of the Government of CS?

governmentGovernment of Canton Sarajevo (CS) today adopted the Draft Law on salaries and allowances of members of management bodies and other institutions in CS, public enterprises and public institutions.

Government of CS today adopted the Report on the work of Prosecutor’s Office of CS for 2015, and forwarded it to representatives of the Cantonal Assembly for opinion. By the Law on the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office is envisaged that at the end of each budget year, the Chief Prosecutor makes statistical overview of its activities. Based on the review, the Chief Prosecutor will report to the Cantonal Parliament, and give a detailed report on the status and trends of crime in CS.

Cantonal Chief Prosecutor Dalida Burzic presented the state and the activities taken by the Prosecutor’s Office in the fight against crime. Objectives that were set for the previous year, according to the report, were achieved more than expected, and they were concerning the reduction of the number of cases in process and the number of unresolved investigations older than 6 months, and especially those that lasted for more than 3 years. Emphasis is given to the cases of economic crime, corruption and organized crime.

The report was evaluated as positive, transparent and encouraging because, among other things, Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of the CS achieved a collective norm of 118 % during the reporting period, while last year it was 89 %. The share of old cases in the collective norm was 56.93 %.

The report provides data on the obsolete criminal proceedings, indictments, hearings, judgments, agreements, sentences, detention, appeals, juvenile proceedings, corruption and organized crime, war crimes cases and complaints.

(Source: klix.ba)

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