The Audit found false Diplomas in Institutions of Federation Entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Federal Government at its yesterday’s session was briefed on information regarding the audit of employee diplomas at the federal institutions and bodies, federal administrative bodies and administrative organizations, public companies and public institutions founded by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), and majority-owned companies of the Federation of BiH.

Institutions, bodies, administrative bodies and administrative organizations, public companies and institutions, and business entities that have not completed the diploma audit process, are obliged to do so in 2020, planning the necessary funds in their budgets.

As stated, the verification process of the credibility of diplomas/certificates hasn’t yet been completed, primarily due to the payment of fees for this process, because no funds were planned for it.

There was a problem regarding the request for payment of fee for the verification process by the University of Mostar, the Archive of the Tuzla Canton, the University of Banja Luka, the University of the Republic of Croatia, and the University of the Republic of Serbia.

For some diplomas/certificates, it was determined that the verification process could not be implemented due to the destruction of documentation during the 1992-1995 war.

It has been established that there are 74 false diplomas, one in the Financial Information Agency, three in BH Telecom Sarajevo, four at the Public Utility Sarajevo International Airport, five at the Federal Pension and Disability Insurance Institute, 20 at the Public Utility BH Post Sarajevo, three in Public Utility Elektroprivreda Mostar, nine in the BiH Lottery, 16 in the Service for Joint Affairs of the Institutions and Bodies of FBiH, two in the FBiH Tax Administration, one each in semi-open prisons in Sarajevo and Orasje, one in the closed prison in Zenica and eight in the Institute for the care of the mentally disabled people ‘’Drin’’, as the verification process and submitted reports showed so far.

It was also concluded that legal measures should be taken to prosecute those who have used false diplomas, and that competent inspections should be included in the verification process, radiosarajevo.ba portal reports.

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