The Best Managers in B&H in 2015 declared

najmenadzer1On Tuesday, December 8, in Banja Luka, the Regional Agency for the selection and promotion of the most successful businessmen and companies in B&H, Southeastern and Central Europe, the European Managers’ Association and the magazine Euromanager declared the best managers and the best companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015. It was the 33rd award ceremony for the most successful managers and companies from the field of business, but from other fields of activity in B&H as well, with more than 400 invitees attending – managers and individuals from scientific, public and political world of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Around 2,000 managers and companies from all areas of economy were nominated for this prestigious award this year, and 21 one of them received the recognition. Around fifteen “special awards” have been presented to people not directly involved in business, but who have a significant impact on creating business environment. Those are the awards for the Best Minister, the Best Mayor, and awards for the best individuals in the fields of science, information, sports and culture.

As much as five awards were presented for long-term work, engagement and results of the work of managers and their companies – the Manager of the Decade, to the following recipients: Adnan Šteta and the company Konzum BiH, Said Karalić and the company Kovan M.I. from Gračanica, Kemal Čolak and the factory of prefabricated houses PROMO from Donji Vakuf, Safudin Čengić and the company Centrotrans Eurolines Sarajevo, and Valentin Ilievski and the company MESSER BH Sarajevo.

All of them gave a part of themselves for their companies which they have been successfully leading for years, and achieved extraordinary results; the jury elaborated on their decision.

Apart from the golden plaque for the Best Manager of the Decade, Adnan Šteta also received the gilded globe as the best young manager in B&H, and the special award for the Best Sports Worker in B&H was also presented to him.


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