B&H is an important Market for Germany as a Tourist Destination

Visit Sarajevo poskok.infoGermany as a tourist destination records an increasing growth on numerous markets in development, which was yesterday confirmed by the regional PR Manager of the German Tourist Board Tijana Đuričić at the annual conference for journalists held in Sarajevo.

Guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina have made 197,000 trips to Germany in the previous year and thus chose Germany as the third most interesting destination in Europe (after Montenegro and Croatia). Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina most often travel to Germany by van transportation (36%), cars (32%) and airplanes (27%), staying there for more than eight nights. Statistics show that 26% of guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina come to Germany for vacation, while only 9% visits German fairs for business. The most frequent visitors are between 15 and 34 years of age (50%) and spend 36 EUR per day, as research by IPK International shows.

The German Tourist Board opened a regional office in Belgrade in 2012 with the aim of developing local market potential. Since then, this office has been in charge for promotion in the areas of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. Every year all regions of Germany are presented through annual topics, while all passengers from Bosnia and Herzegovina prefer to explore Bavaria and Berlin. The topic of 2015 named Traditions and Customs presents most different historical traces which live today in culinary, live traditions, as well as in arts and crafts. More details about this campaign can be found on the site, and on the social wall of the German Tourist Board under the hashtag #joingermantraditon.


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