The Coach of Andorra: B&H is a World National Team

Andorra Press Conference novovrijeme.baThe selector of Andorra Koldo Alvarez de Eulate addressed the journalists prior to the training of the players, stating that ahead of today’s match they have rested since the past match and that they will most probably have four or five players in defense.

“There are no injured players, everyone is ready”, Alvarez said.

Until now, the selector of Andorra always gave an opportunity to the younger players.

“They are in the selection and there is a possibility that they will play today. We have watched the recordings and we will work on the problems we have. There is a great physical difference between these two selections. Since B&H is playing for the third position, we will probably see the best selection of B&H today. B&H is a world national team, it is enough just to see how many players play in the strongest leagues, that speaks enough of the selection of B&H”.

Alvarez reminded that Dzeko scored three goals in the first match against Andorra.

“It will be a mistake to only concentrate on Dzeko, B&H has a strong national team, but the forces must be distributed equally. We will play defense, we will attempt to score a goal in the beginning, and maintain the result afterwards”, the selector said.


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