The direct Export of the Bosnian Mountain Horse to Germany started after 40 Years

For the first time in forty years, this year saw the first direct export of the Bosnian Mountain Horse from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was performed to Germany.

As it was confirmed for agency Fena by the President of the Supervisory Board of the International Association of Bosnian Mountain Horse Breeders, Enver Ziga, at the end of August this year, two stallions, one of the Misko line and the other of the Barut line, arrived in Germany.

Barut was owned by Enver Ziga (breeding of “Ziga” stud farms), and Misko was owned by Abdulah Imamovic (also breeding of “Ziga” stud farms).

Ziga pointed out that in Germany, the Bosnian Mountain Horse began to be bred in the second half of the last century, and prof. dr. Friedrich Hainbuch was especially engaged in the breedingprocess.

The formation of the Bosnian Mountain Horse International Association of Breeders in 2010, whose president is Anton Dolinsek, gave additional impetus to the expansion of breeding in European Union (EU) countries.

According to Abdulah Imamovic, Bosnian Mountain Horseexports to Germany were practically impossible.

“I did my best to find out what it was all about and to solve the problem one by one. In the end, I succeeded, the door is open, although it is necessary to pay so many different taxes and other duties which means that from an economic point of view it is completely unprofitable for the importer in Germany. It means that in the future, the purchase of Bosnian Mountain Horse in Germany will be done only by those who have a special or emotional reason for it,” stated Imamovic.



Source: Radio Sarajevo



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